Stretching carpet without moving the furniture

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Normally it is best to move the furniture out of the room before stretching the carpet. However, it's not necessarily the only way. Sometimes it's just not possible to move a monster king-size bed or a piano. In these cases, we do whatever it takes to stretch the carpet without moving furniture out of the room.

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The video below is just one way that we can stretch your carpet without moving all your furniture out of the room. We can stretch the carpet by just moving the furniture a little bit out of the way, but it is more time consuming and therefore can be more expensive.

Carpet stretching can be more of a challenge in times like this but, we're up for it. Call us to stretch the ripples out of your carpet.

In the video below I explain in more detail how we stretch a carpet without moving the furniture.

Carpet Repair Truck

100% Unlimited Lifetime Labor Guarantee!