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 Before you hire just anyone to try (in vain) to fix your Berber carpet ask them,
"how much experience do you have with this specialty within a specialty? "
The most common question I receive about Berber carpet repair is, "Will I be able to see the patch?"
Sadly the answer is probably so but we'll make it look as good as humanly possible.

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berber carpet repair  

Sometimes a run in a Berber carpet can be as small as this one on the left. Although it's a small Berber run now, it will become a big run in a Berber carpet in no time if its not repaired.

There's more than just a couple of different techniques for repairing Berber carpet. This Berber carpet run is in the middle of a pattern so we can't use the same technique that we use further down the page.


berber carpet repair  

If you didn't know where this Berber carpet repair was you'd be hard-pressed to find it.

Be sure to not pull a loose thread on your Berber carpet or you'll make things worse.

We offer a 100% lifetime labor guarantee on Berber Carpet Repair.

Berber carpet repair  

We see this type of Berber carpet damage nearly every day. We can fix carpet like this with a Berber carpet patch.


This Berber carpet run was probably made worse by a vacuum catching the loose carpet threads.

Berber carpet repair  
First we will cut off the damaged Berber carpet threads, then we will clean up the edges.
berber repair  
We use our handy-dandy commercial strength glue-gun to glue the carpet to a piece of carpet seam tape. We never use double sided tape to repair carpet. It doesn't last long. If your carpet is worth a few thousand dollars it may be worth calling a professional to do it right. A carpet repair done right will last for many years.
berber carpet repair  
We will then use the natural edge of the Berber carpet to cut the Berber patch to be the perfect size.
carpet patch  

This Berber carpet would have been ruined if it hadn't been fixed. When you need someone to fix carpet, especially if you need them to fix Berber carpet call us.

We specialize in Berber carpet repairs.


berber carpet burn  
I don't know how this Berber carpet burn happened. It looks like it came from the bottom of a pan or maybe from a heat lamp. Regardless of how this Berber carpet got this way, it needs repair.
berber carpet burn  
After we fixed the burned Berber carpet it looked as good as new.
berber carpet burn  
Here's another burn in a Berber carpet. The carpet patch came from a closet.
berber burn  
Can you see the Berber carpet patch now? It's pretty hard to find. We guarantee that this carpet patch will last for as long as the rest of the carpet.
berber burn carpet  

Newlywed ironing board.


It's amazing how quickly a hot iron can burn the synthetic Berber carpet. The only way to fix it is to do a Berber carpet patch.

berber burn carpet  
Just for fun we decided to make the carpet patch the same shape as the carpet iron burn. Here you can see how we cut out the burnt carpet.
berber carpet burn  

We pay special attention to the detail when it comes to Berber carpet repair. The carpet nap needs to be running the same direction and the pattern needs to match as well.


This newlywed wife never had to show her new husband the carpet burn.

berber patch  

Dogs dig carpet all the time when they get locked into a room or out of a room.

This Berber carpet repair was right at the doorway.

berber patch  

Here's the same spot after we fixed the damaged Berber carpet.


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