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Lake Oswego Carpet Repair

Before you call to have a carpet patched, please read this page.

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Below are some of the most common Lake Oswego carpet repairs we do every day.
If any of these photos look familiar, we can fix your carpet too!

Lake Oswego Berber Patch

Lake Oswego Carpet Patch

Lake Oswego Carpet Stretch

Lake Oswego Carpet Patch

Lake Oswego Carpet Repair

Lake Oswego Carpet Transition

Lake Oswego Carpet Seam Repair 1Lake Oswego Carpet Seam Repair 2

Lake Oswego Berber Carpet Repair

Lake Oswego Car Carpet Patch

Lake Oswego Carpet Patch By Fireplace

Lake Oswego Carpet Patch

Lake Oswego Stretch Loose Carpet

Lake Oswego Carpet Transition

Lake Oswego Big Berber Patch

Lake Oswego Pet Damaged Carpet

In the short videos below I explain what you need to know about:

• Pet Damaged
• Patching
• Stretching
• Seam Repair
• Carpet Stair Repair
• Berber Snags or Runs
• Carpet to Floor Transitions
• Commercial Repair
• Flood Damage

Lake Oswego Carpet Stretching

Lake Oswego Carpet Patching

Lake Oswego Carpet Floor Trnasitions

Lake Oswego Berber Snag or Pull or Run

Lake Oswego Carpet Seam Repair

Lake Oswego Carpet Stair Repair

Lake Oswego Commercial Carpet Repair

Lake Oswego Flood Damaged Carpet

Lake Oswego Pet Damaged Carpet

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Lake Oswego Carpet Repair – A Smart Way to Save Money

At Creative Carpet Repair, we believe that smart consumers like to save money. Just because you have a damaged area, like a stain or burn, doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the entire thing. In fact, we can repair it using proven techniques in such a way that you will never notice there was a blemish to begin with.

If you've ever had that sinking feeling from discovering an ink stain, pet urine stain, or burn blemish, then you should give us a call and find out more about our Lake Oswego carpet restoration techniques. If you have unseemly wrinkles suddenly appear, you might be surprised how well our Lake Oswego carpet stretching process works. Best of all, our Lake Oswego carpet stretching technique does not even require that your heaviest pieces of furniture be moved.

Have Questions? Give us a call in Lake Oswego and get more information from our experts.

Understanding Lake Oswego Carpet Restoration

Accidents happen. A person walks on your carpet with grease on their shoes. A dinner guest spills their wine. It gets damaged by a mischievous pet. Many of our customers are surprised when they find out that Lake Oswego carpet restoration is possible - and downright shocked when they see the results.

Our proven Lake Oswego carpet restoration solutions can restore:

  • Pet damage
  • Ink stains
  • Burns (like cigarette burns)
  • Urine Stains
  • And more...

Got Wrinkles? Our Lake Oswego Carpet Stretching Process is Hassle-Free

If your carpet wasn't installed properly, wrinkles can develop over time. Not only are wrinkles an eyesore, they can even pose a safety risk if someone were to trip over them and fall. Many people make the mistake of simply thinking they can live with wrinkles, often because they don't want to deal with the hassle of moving their king sized bed or prized piano.

Our professional Lake Oswego carpet stretching technicians will get rid of all your wrinkles without ever moving those heavy pieces of furniture that would be a chore to lift. While it's always best to move furniture before stretching, it's not the only way to get a favorable end result. When it's not reasonable to move a piece of furniture, we will work around the object to get the job done.

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  • Lake Oswego Carpet Restoration
  • Lake Oswego Carpet Stretching

Lake Oswego Tidbits

Lake Oswego, Oregon’s history begins in the manner common to Northeast cities. It all started thousands of years ago, when Native Americans roamed the land in vast numbers. The tribe common to this area in particular was the Clackamas tribe. When Lewis and Clark came through this part of Oregon, they spent some time interacting with the Clackamas Indians. In 1806 their numbers were nearly 2,000. However, as white development progressed into the 19th century, many of their numbers were killed off due to exposition to new diseases. By the time pioneers officially settled the area, the population was down less than a hundred. In 1855, the remaining Clackamas Indians were relocated to the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation.
Iron ore was discovered in the area in 1841. By that time, small farms dotted the area with no formal connection or boundaries grouping them. The boundaries of the town, “Oswego” were formed in 1847. The man responsible, Albert Alonzo Durham, decided to name the town after the already established city in New York. He also was the man behind the town’s first industrial equipment: a saw mill. Oswego was eligible under the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850. Many new settlers came to the area for the promise of free land. As more people settled in the area, farmlands were established, offering a multitude of crops. Trade relationships developed with Portland. With the Willamette River at its disposal, Oswego became learned in the ways of water trade. After a trade route was established, locals finally began mining the iron ore. In 1865, the Oregon Iron Company was established. It was one of the only cities for miles that offered such a commodity. An iron smelter opened in 1867, and a blast furnace was built shortly after. Farmers and miners alike all established prosperous lives in this community.
This was an age of many industrial strides and developments. The Oregon Iron Company was sold in 1878, later becoming the Oregon Iron and Steel Company. Naturally, a railroad was next to come to the powerhouse of metal. The Portland and Willamette Valley Railway arrived in 1886. Portland and other big cities were now easily accessible. The metals industry received a few backlashes when access to the railroad meant customers could get cheaper materials elsewhere, but Oswego quickly adapted. In the 1880s, Oswego was one of the chief producers of pig iron. A new smelter was built in 1888, which surpassed the capacity of the old plant by five times. The industrial success of the town pushed forward the installation of town necessities. Stores, hotels, churches, a drugstore, and a post office were all established during this time period.

In 1905, a power plant was built on Oswego Creek. Oswego was determined to keep up with the times and stay modern. Power poles went up. Oswego was officially incorporated in 1910. By 1914, the Southern Pacific Railroad was electrified. This was one of the most important developments for travelers because the trains were faster and produced less harmful emissions. It was so efficient that by 1920, 64 trains were leaving to and from Portland on a daily basis. This was clearly the better way to travel, and the acceptance of this new modern luxury brought interest in other residential luxuries.

A City Hall was erected in 1926. In 1930, the Lake Oswego Country Club was developed by Paul Murphy. It was centered on the lake. The smelters no longer needed it, so it was free to be used by the more luxurious members of the community. The country club became a high-end plot of land. Lavish homes were ornamentally placed around the lake. Oswego gained a reputation in Oregon for being an area of extravagance. This spurred even more residential development, and by the 1950s, it was a highly decorated town with many comforts that were available to residents and tourists.

In 1960, Oswego annexed the neighboring Lake Grove. The combination of the two towns inspired the name it has now: Lake Oswego. Since this time, Lake Oswego has not seen many developments. It has kept up with the pace of modern times and continued to add more amenities for its residents and visitors. Even more transportation exists between Portland and Lake Oswego. Fine dining, shopping, hotels, and recreational facilities offer a sense of refinement in this beautiful town. The actual lake in Lake Oswego is still the hub of activity, providing outdoor sports or a spot for a scenic picnic on a warm summer day.

Oswego has certainly changed since its beginnings. What was once a crude, dusty, iron mining town has transformed into something beautiful. It has long since shed its industrial beginnings, favoring the more comfortable life of luxury. Many of the original fine homes still surround the lake, proving that Lake Oswego hasn’t forgotten when it’s come from; it simply prefers the more beautiful things in life. And there is quite simply nothing wrong with that.

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